Frequently Asked Questions

What is a web application?

As everyone knows by now, the web browser can do a lot of things besides displaying text on a web page. Before the web, there were only desktop applications to do our work. Network capable applications can now be built with script using the web browser as an application shell. This is the web application.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term used to describe the way a website is designed so the search engines can find your website.

Can my website take credit cards?

Yes. We work with your credit card merchant to seamlessly add your own customizable shopping cart to your website.

I need services tailored for my industry. Are these web applications customizable?

Yes. You tell us what you need, we make it happen.

Do I own the code for the web applications?

No. Slickhead provides web applications as a service, regardless of the level of customization of the web application.

How often do you backup web files and databases?

We backup all files several times per day to multiple fixed and removable drives on multiple platforms. Files are periodically archived in our bank safety deposit box to protect against the unthinkable.

What is your web hosting platform?

Windows Server and SQL Server. We support ASP (Active Server Pages).

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In a nutshell, SSL is an encryption standard used in the web industry to protect sensitive information entered in web pages. Most companies use SSL to secure web pages for credit card transactions.

What is hand-written code?

Hand-written code means that the code was written using a simple text editor and not a web page development program. This is the high end of web development. Most of our HTML, Javascript, SQL and VBScript has been written by hand ensuring cross-platform / cross-browser compatibility, uniqueness and a bug-free website. We create custom web applications, not out-of-the-box web functions that most web developer's use.

Do you create your own artwork for the website's you develop?

We can create a unique layout with custom graphics, reconstruct an older website and recycle existing graphics, or use professional web templates. Unless you insist on 100% unique artwork, we have found the best method is to use web templates and royalty-free images for top notch graphics and layout. This in combination with our hand-written code produces the ultimate website.