The Way We Do Business

There was a time when all web hosting companies had their own racks filled with servers. Cloud computing has changed all of that. To keep up with the dynamic nature of the internet, Slickhead Studios had sought out the best DNS, Web and Email services available. This provides our customers with a secure, reliable infrastructure that growing companies require.



Having earned a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from Texas Tech University, Steve Wagy started his career as a medicinal chemist with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. He worked for a variety of chemical companies before giving it all up to start his own web hosting company in 1999... and he hasn't looked back.

SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.*

Our web and database servers are housed in one of SoftLayer's many datacenters. SoftLayer enables us to manage all the servers as if they were in house. This also provides us with true 24/7/365 support - something traditional web hosting companies only dream about.

Rackspace, US Inc.*

Rackspace provides our customers with high end email services. Rackspace provides secure and reliable business class email with 25 GB mailboxes and webmail with incredible functionality.

*All company names, symbols, logos and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that Slickhead Studios is affiliated with any of these companies.