Slickhead Studios launches new website

Slickhead Studios has created a new website full of new features. Good riddance to the old site!

The new design works seamlessly on all devices and browsers and is written in PHP. It is a complete rewrite from the ground up using the latest JQuery plug-in's (those cool website gizmo's) and features a new customer portal.

Website Features
  • View Billed Services
  • Create Complex Passwords
  • View Invoices
  • Online Tech Support System
  • Global News Feeds

Keep up with our company using our online news reader. This web app also brings in news feeds from around the world so you can read about everything from science to the great outdoors.

The new password creator allows you to create complex passwords for use in any website. We recommend 32 character passwords that contain special characters. If you can remember your password, it is no good.

We have also created a new online tech support system. This system is easy to use and provides an archive of all tech support requests for reference.