Slickhead Studios begins the migration to Linux servers

After 25 years of developing ASP the migration to PHP is underway. ASP has been an industry standard for many years. It is easy to deploy and is very reliable, however, ASP has not been upgraded for a long time and we have decided to make a change for a number of reasons.

Security is always the number one concern nowadays and PHP is an up to date server providing better security and easier deployment than ASP or dotNET.

Rising costs are another factor. The prices for Microsoft licenses continue to climb and costs eventually have to be passed down to the customer. By moving to Linux servers we can avoid Microsoft licensing fees and keep our prices down.

Migration Schedule
  1. Rewrite all website code in PHP within the next 2-3 years
  2. Change database servers from SQL Server to My SQL
  3. Adjust website code for My SQL
  4. Build new Linux servers
  5. Transfer all websites and databases to Linux servers

The end result is your website running on a native Linux server in an IBM® datacenter. A better choice for the future.